Saturday, December 20, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Still Intergalactic With It......

           scientific when we kick it / authentic..

Dipping down I-20 on the so called Super Saturday before Christmas; still Intergalactic with it!! Mystic Voyages are taken!!  dipping in the hooptie reminded me of being Out There on the Mothership!!

Super Saturday vs #blacklivesmatter at Mall Of America? who's fair with ya? I was all up in the spot but I spotted how some were flowing;  so I abandoned ship!!!

Strategy developed?  oh yeah!! scattered thoughts transformed into Random Thoughts is what you'll get; along with funk and jazz

Forgot!! O-Dog hip-hopped along with the funk being  dropped; check the O-Dog Podcast..

Intergalactic with this like NASA printing a 3-D wrench in space; Authentic!! I even kicked it / communicated with extra-terrestials!!

Other galaxies explored!! on earth? I'm  international with it!! holding credentials..

In Brooklyn martial law is imposed after two NYPD officers are  shot and killed?  please!! talk junk? your under house arrest!

What's up man? two officers were shot down here in Dekalb County off I-20!! meanwhile O-Dog will put it down!! breakbeat science is what you'll get!!!!

Scientific?  oh yeah!! That's The Essence Of This Discipline as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! this brotha is on a mission!!

Authentic?  oh yeah!! good samaritians and gullible ones find out it's way too real Out There!! That's Why This Brotha Stays In Transition..

Check the deliberate falsehood? who's fair with them? check out what a brotha will do!! Intergalactic Funk is what we're kicking as the trunk in the hooptie rattles;  It's Straight from the Mothership...

My motto? proceed and continue so you can see how funky a brotha can get!!!

Trying to Work It All Out without a doubt as we put it down!! I'm on Louisville / Newburg default settings so it's Authentic...

Now dipping down I-20 in Atlanta like I was riding through the galaxy!! It's The Sonic Assault / Steady Bombardment!!  like I said the funk is Intergalactic...

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