Sunday, December 21, 2014

Concepts Revisited: Spiritual Significance In This Operation PT.2

        *in pursuit of this dream they were willing to sacrifice*

Once Again It's On!!  in the midst of the chaos and confusion this is another episode of the Sonic Assault..

Just got out of line at the service desk!!  not concerned with Black Friday or Super Saturday; I returned bogus merchandise that was  bought..

Spiritual Warfare still fought!! how will this black man play? no Cam Newton Superman celebrations;  check the situations!! we're jumping and recognizing that the front lines are everywhere..

....Maybe he was on to something though; Hell is caught by New Orleans Saints types  knocked out by Atlanta Falcons!! catching it like  Natalie Cole talked about!! meanwhile society fronts on mine; it's not fair!!

Proceed and continue is my motto!! we rocked out as we go there!! ..already Way Way Out There so we can't forget it..

True indeed!!  there's spiritual significance in this operation!! it's all about Freedom!! get free stay free; rights I won't forfeit..

Going for it!! telling myself C'mon!!! You Can Get It!! Get It!!! Don't Stop!!

Spiritual Significance In This Operation!! at the podcast? bringing funk, jazz, house and hip-hop

*At Considerable Risk*  like NYC cops vs the Mayor facing confusion, chaos and frustration;  know it's not nice..

But O-Dog  is not #TheApprentice!! he knew what the deal was!! Knew He Had A Good Thing; *In Pursuit Of This Dream He Was Willing To Sacrifice*

Haters said that's not nice!!  said *Dreaming Can't Possibly Good As Living*

But I'm In Conflict With This World due to too much conflict in this world; so how you living ???

The funk? that's what we're giving!!  check the Spiritual Significance In This Operation..

Universal when we come with this like NASA trips to Venus; beyond just rocking the nation!!

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