Saturday, December 13, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / The Elusive Man.

As we proceed and continue; dipping down I-20 in Atlanta reflecting on past episodes; had to admit it;  back in the day? a brotha walked into a trap...

Over on Glenwood Road in Decatur? shouting / shooting was heard; police sirens / ear shattering gunshots exploded when the guns clap...

Didn't you hear the claps? but this is not the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, so there's no standing ovation..

Reality pimp slaps us but maybe some were in denial;  influenced by drugs supplied by Bill Cosby or by the art of persuasion?

This Is No Elaborate Fantasy I'm Telling You!!! I realized what it would cost me; Soon Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation..

I Shall Not Go Into Any Unnecessary Details; instead breakbeat scientific knowledge is dropped when dealing with the frustration...

But a brotha is using is Fresh Vision;  after the Gemini full moon I made a Proclamation!!  That's to Get Free and Stay Free..

Now they say I'm a *Very Elusive Man*  because I stay dipping down I-20 in Atlanta like a Geminid meteor shower!! but they can't see me!!

.....Said my manners are abusive;  just because I studied dark matter they said I'm a man with a Diabolical Manner!!

Admitting it; An Elusive Man in the hooptie on I-20 in Transition;  trying to win a championship banner..

In this life they'll damn ya if you do or don't; like Adrian Peterson or even RGIII they're  hoping you won't!!

Crossing The Threshold? Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck are hoping you don't..

I won't front or fake; I Shall Not Go Into Unnecessary Details.... 

Moving Forward; down I-20 in Atlanta; in Transition; The Elusive Man? at the end of the day he prevails.

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