Friday, December 12, 2014

You'll Get Played PT.3 / The Mixture and The Scripture

Told you before; You'll Get Played!!  real estate agents were slick with it; they had you sign up for an adjustable rate mortgage..

Higher rate kicks in!!  now some are sick with it!! this brotha knew how complex the sport would get..

Higher Power?  I prayed to it; that's how I make it!! it's like that and that's the way it is!!

Now I've got the power like Snap and plus I exercise it; now some are surprised by it!! It's real like that!! not just because I say it is!!
I'm not flipping out or about to snap!! knowing what day it is; what time it is; I checked the clock...

Now government type shutdowns are avoided; the funk? a bruh is not devoid of it!! It's Going Down!! O-Dog will rock!!

I'm filling the void with it!! what the sound!! but some disrespected!!  they made a mockery of the culture!!

Like ISIS rolling through Iraq they raped and pillaged the village!! like a desert? bones picked by a vulture..

Babylon will corrupt ya like Camp Bucca created ISIS; modern day version? older version in Mesopotamia /  Iraq..

You'll Get Played!! please!!   matrix architects or another created the crisis; the question is will you fight back?

You'll Get Played!! But I'm Moving Forward I'm Not going back!! even though big Homie said It Doesn't Make A Difference..

But He's Wrong: we sprayed this breakbeat science like disinfectant!!  haters have to respect it!! #blacklivesmatter  please!!  *It Does Make A Difference To Us*

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