Thursday, December 18, 2014

It Gets Real Like That PT.2

Following the street code per Louisville / Newburg default settings; I didn't deviate!! a brotha stayed in funk mode!!!

What was you told?  real ones didn't merge with the apparatus!! please!!! I hope no one broke the street code...

It Gets Real Like That!! Moving in a discreet mode like hackers from North Korea;  I see some Sony executives "ran off at out the mouth"  about Denzil Washington and Kevin Hart; those executives must have snorted coke or dropped a hit of that microdot....

It Gets Real Like That!! Moving in a discreet mode like Obama and Castro per the US policy towards Cuba!! but what's next for Assata Shakur per the stormtroopers / Hunger Games Peacekeepers scheme or plot?

Back in the day it was Go-Bots and Transformers; bring it back to today!! as we transform this!!!

Moving Forward;  it gets real like that!! listening to the Crusaders / Wilton Felder /Joe Sample drop Chain Reaction!!   in the lab? this and others were upgraded per the sample as we reform this....

Big time players in search of Liquid Love per Freddie Hubbard; a brotha will get persistent as I Maintain Focus, all up in the action!!  but not the norm with this!!!

Visualizing The Sequence;  playing it like the weatherman Al Roker but I'm no joker;  I know how ill the perfect storm is...

As we freak this all up in the lab!! we'll warm up some old school funk jazz!  It Get's Real Like That!!!

Musical Therapy / easing the mind is a top priority when it gets real like that!!

Who's fair with me and you? please!! that question is answered from NYC to Ferguson!!

Jokers will #askacop meanwhile we drop this cosmic slop!! it gets real like that!! that's how it's working son!! 


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