Friday, December 19, 2014

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss PT. 3

Nobody can be you but you; act like you knew!!  that's word from Steve Arrington....

Formerly with the group Slave;  so O-Zone can't misbehave!! knowledge?  I share with them...

Who's fair with them?  please!! that's usually not the proper protocol for love or war...

You'll get hacked like Sony or other companies!! meanwhile the drums will be the determining factor when we use this Sonic Assault to get free and stay free!!  as we heal the emotional scar...

Lands will get fracked by these companies!! per SenDerrick Marks quarterbacks will get sacked for the money!! but naysayers say this promotion won't go far!!! they said I couldn't pay the price..

...said I slacked!! I couldn't pay the cost to be the boss? too high of a price?

Plus the NSA tracked them; the economy is bad!! conditions are not nice!!! harsh to be exact!!

My priority? a brotha is  Circulating / in Transition; the transportation? I'm  rolling on a O-Dog track!!!

Bringing It Back as the Mysterious Box rocks;  ear shattering gunshots explode as the sound Blows Up The Spot...

Manhattan Projects type sound?  as we drop the bomb with this hazardous material we'll make it hot!!

What's up man? Inner city projects  torn down to make way for plush homes?

The defense attorney objects like Benjamin Crump in Ferguson but how's it working son?  per shady grand jury decisions pressure from the melting pot will crush domes!!

This good word will be a paying the cost to be the boss by-product; Ideas? Once Again it's on!!  I rush home with this and post to podcasts and blogs!!

Paying the cost to be the boss!! check my conduct!! the scripture is O-Zone's and the funk O-Dog's

Captains logs are quoted as these brotha voted; no need for an Interview about Team America / World Police as we deal with universal concepts;  get it right!

Plus we Visualize The Sequence; acting like we knew!! some of these Americans "ain't right" ..please!! I'm not falling for bananas in the tailpipe..

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