Monday, December 22, 2014

Concepts Revisited: Spiritual Significance In This Operation PT.3

Whatcha facing? from Ferguson to NYC it seems to be a police state;  it's even going down here in Dekalb County, Georgia..

Whatcha facing? in NYC Ismaaiyl Brinsley tried retaliation; now helicopters fly: not the Mall Micro Remote Control toys!! the boys in blue are on to ya...

Rolling roadblocks? lock down situation!! like custodians said they're trying to clean things up.

Rolling!! you know hustles get knocked!! whatcha facing? The Game Is Over..the gig is up!!

The Gig Is Up!!! authorities, banks, corporations; they all tighten screws....

If you don't have it now? you might not get it!! but that should be old news..

Knowing what it do /what it does;  I hope the buzz didn't affect your memory...

What it do? What It Does?   like North Korea flexing per Sony hacks  bear witness to the repeat of history!!

O-Zone put's it down!!  ignored the mass hysteria!! his story will not be determined by these earthlings..

O-Dog has the funky sound!! bear witness to what the salt of the earth brings..

*Spiritual Significance In This Operation*  He Knew He Had A Good Thing...

Brothas are still representing!!  #blacklivesmatter /  this will always be a Hood Thing!!!


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