Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Mission Statement / The Proclamation

                                                 it's all about freedom

Invitations were extended; they wanted me to join the federation..

Ignored those;  listened to my inner voice / intuition! Accepted Invitations To Flee Servitude And Fight!!  I made a Proclamation

It's all about Liberation; it's a single I have at it's on the Breakbeat Science page!!

A brotha Jumped To That Conclusion after recognizing the pattern;  a development made during the critical stage..

*Critical Stages Of Development*   now check this embellishment as like Chuck Hagel I get Free...

This Is How It's Going Down!!  I didn't chill with jokers eating a bagel or haggle with price gougers!! as I get Free and Stay Free!!

Please!!! I'm out here fighting like Marvelous Marvin Hagler!! if it's not about Liberation?  there's not much they can say to me!!!

O-Zone? I've got that Good Word and O-Dog had a funky track to play for me... 

Moms said she prayed for me!! told her I sent some up for her too!!

The system once played me!! oh they were slick like Dick Cheney saying the CIA torture report was full of crap!! But advice was taken!! I was told nobody can be you but you..

That's what it do!!.Listened to KISS 104 in Atlanta;  they played that song by Steve Arrington..

Being myself!!! The old school Baptist preacher told me Do You!!! like I said like protesters in Hong Kong It's All About Liberation!!!

That's what this Proclamation thing is about;  what's wrong with getting free and staying free?

In the process?  we'll rock the nation!! actually this thing is universal..feel me?

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