Monday, November 30, 2015

Blue Collar With It (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

Blue collar with it, I'm setting up shop / trying to blow up the spot!!  but I'm not like ISIS in Paris, I'm not trying to hurt anyone..

Who's chasing /wasting  a dollar from Black Friday to this Cyber Monday?  during the ongoing crisis you were told to be flexible or get bent out of shape: you should be able to work with anyone..

A so called pimp stalks, but how will this black man play? I'll lay in the cut, working with the drums, pianos, plus dropping this Good Word: *four five sixing it*

O-Zone walks what he talks!!  *Messages In The Songs*  oh!! it's based on when O-Dog is mixing it. 

Sticking with the original plan, even though it gets dark: discussed at the Paris Climate Change Summit in Paris? who's fair with this?  it's a Dark Mysterious World Were Slipping Through..

Told you I'm Rolling in the Mothership...or in The Old School Toyota Camry, or the Buick LeSabre / Lucerne: The A-Town?  I'm dipping through..

Fixing it!! planets are in alignment, so we're trying to complete our assignment!! pulling out the sabre or sword of truth so jokers can learn;  it's easy to slip into rabbit holes..

Kicking it from my perspective as I bear witness to the beast biting the masses, now we have rabid souls...

Tricked by it, disrespected!! we tried to hunker down per Larry Munson, but still get fired like Mark Richt..

Tricked by it, disrespected!! so we try to put the funk down as we fire on the enemy while busters and marks get played like a trick...

The Saga / Struggle Continues!! well  not for the New England Patriots as they get beat by the Denver Broncos..

The Saga / Struggle Continues!! so how will we face it? the Sonic Assault is unleashed in response to these and those!!

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