Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dropping These Little Tidbits (It's Like Sitting On The Toilet)

I'm dropping science / these little tidbits:  like I was sitting on the toilet. 

....dropping turds; Going on an offensive like ISIS hit up by Kurds,  but I'm playing around with these words:  dropping science / hoping that the truth / sarcasm and satire don't spoil it. 

What? the mood, as some are disappointed as I was accused of being cunning / clever/  shrewd;  or just plain out of it. 

What's good? did I miss my appointment? naw man!! breakbeat science is used,  I'm funky drumming / plus next level soul food is provided by this chef from souls kitchen:  hopefully you'll get nutrition out of it. 

Rolling up listening to The Doors Soul Kitchen, spotted jokers eating meals from Hell's Kitchen lacking nutrition: now some are constipated. 

These natural organic meals that we provide will have you opening up bathroom doors, now sitting on the toilet due to the fiber!! I'm   not trying to lie to ya!!  that's the agenda of those that hated! 

How did they *holla atcha*? backroom doors open after backroom deals were made per Rev. Kevin Cosby, like the Louisville Biodigester deal:  while the GOP debated, where half baked ideas were presented. 

Others throw a dollar at you!!  now your scrambling like black quarterbacks in the NFL with no blocking;  soon targeted by the defense,  fresh meat was presented. 

Meanwhile the WHO says fresh meat can lead to cancer,  about as dangerous as cigarettes. 

Regular ones or vapor?  please,  trouble didn't taper off as history repeats!! while reflecting, sitting on the toilet this dude never forgets. 

Just a regular dude out here placing bets like Fan Duels or Draft Kings but like New York no funds are exchanged.. 

Just a regular dude out here dropping science like I was sitting on the toilet, hitting you up with the good word while the beats banged..

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