Thursday, November 19, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (Handling Official Business)

Intergalactic journeys are taken even when I'm the hooptie dipping down I-20 in Atlanta. 

Fanatics are soon flabbergasted by the outside the box status!!  they didn't understand a brotha. 

Mathematical formulas are hard to work out here in the mainstream; like terror suspects killed in Paris some will slide down the rabbit hole.

Maybe a vortex or wormhole; meanwhile I'm considered a suspect because I rock the baldy,  no perms like Big Worm when I roll!!  but like Bobby Byrd I have soul

....Or else I wouldn't be in here; Me and Eric B and Rakim are in the amen corner, so that gets me in trouble. 

Please!!  the devil and his advocates are knocking the hustle, they want to see the stress double!!

Next level moves are made in the sport,  avoiding those that extort;  they want a predetermined outcome.

Knocked out like Ronda Rousey!!  what will the payoff be?  meanwhile O-Dog had work to do;  he pulled out the drum

Rocked out!! the daughter of chaos tried to arouse me!! probably a female suicide bomber...

Rocked out!! haters want me to take a loss, but going all out will be the remedy; word from the funky drummer!!

Locked out of Facebook because of lack of credentials? cool!! this business is still official...

Rocked out!! face to face with a crook? naw man!! when we dip down I-20 with this, the business is official...

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