Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.7 (Collecting Scattered Thoughts)

 This is how it's going down!!! the Thanksgiving Day Holiday is here, you were told to be grateful:  ..recognize the pattern..

But this is how it's going down; those with so called rank are giving some the blues!! from Chicago to Minneapolis they're hateful!! constituents? they're bruising and battering!!

Thoughts that were scattering like roaches when the lights come on? I'm collecting them like collection agencies will collect debt due to Black Friday shopping....

Experiences from climbing a Louisville Ladder bring coaches status to this veteran in the game; I wasn't quiting or stopping...

This is word from a Louisville brotha that'll *holla atcha* as these thoughts are transfered per the electronic spectrum...

This is word dropped per the Full Moon in Gemini:  check the attitude, I'm not trying to act a fool with mine!! when I get breakbeat scientific I cover the whole spectrum.. 

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