Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Check The Status Quo: (It's Like This And Like That And A) PTt.6

 Old school hip hop substance is overflowing; Check The Status Quo, I'm out here telling you *it's like this and like that and a*

Old rule followed, but the doctrine wasn't swallowed!! whatcha know? planes flying to Harstfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta fly over my airspace leaving chemtrails; is it like Turkey shooting down Russian jets in their airspace? if you do or don't somebody will damn ya!!
Old rule followed; dipping down I-20 in Atlanta but not singing Happy Trails!! this Iceberg Slim / Ice Age resident is thawing out like glaciers, working with this *Good Word*  and a beat break..

Old tool used to motivate?  per Black Friday I understand it's all about the cash but Blacks and Hispanics work harder for the American dream, even though the Thanksgiving Holiday is here and your supposed to be grateful there's no time to take a break..

Old fool? some are just doing another take in the ongoing movie / reality show:  was Lee Daniels directing?  watch yourself!! who's cooning? who's playing a role?

Old school / new school / retro-futuristic: Check the status quo *it's like this and like that and a* as O-Dog get's busy on the Podcast!!  he's playing jazz, funk, hip-hop and soul.

Old dude played with their souls;  what was the word on the curb / the word in the wind? they said he was an ordained minister.

Old girl was praying for their souls;  oh!! she was good at that, due to pain caused by the sinister. 

Old school / new school / next school / retro-futuristic minister of music? that's what you can call O-Dog!!

Old schools, new schools and next schools get hit up by the Sonic Assault!! O-Zone was using a Fresh Vision to look into the smoke and fog...

Smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors discussed at that Paris Climate Change Conference?

The Captain's  Log is updated after checking the status quo: *it's like this and like that and a* but are we being built or torn down? it's a debatable circumstance...

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