Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Moving On To Something Else

So what's up?  I had to recognize the pattern:  I realized it was time to move on to something else.

Restless!! letting things get the best of us!! damn!!  that feeling's something else!! 

Actually, I'm not in my feelings,  it was a signal to let go;  there's no rest for us unless we obey. 

Shady dealings have me coaching after the veteran in the game status!!  signals were sent to the quarterback so he could run the play. 

Coaching like Marvin Lewis with the Cincinnati Bengals even though to Houston Texans types we lose this!! now some are  Running Away per Roy Ayers or maybe Runaway like Wyclef Jean featuring  Earth Wind and Fire: whichever one is working...

Approaching the bridge from Covington Kentucky over to Cincinnati listening to Maze and Frankie Beverly,  they had a rendition talking about *we need some rejuvenation*  so the Lord we petition!!  now that's working!!

Fear and loathing will make me burn the damn bridge down, but that's not working; I might need an escape route...

Moving on to something else but knowing there'll be opposition like Anonymous vs ISIS:  but during the ongoing crisis these cats will still go all out...

Now we're merging into traffic on I-20 in Atlanta,  moving on to something else. 

Insights emerging;  traffic is heavy,  everybody is going through something!!  damn!!  that's something else! 

Player on Player!! go on with your bad self!! that was the pep talk  given unless your a refugee from Syria; so how are you living?  

I said a prayer or two, acting like I knew:  now I'm moving on to something else, this is how I'm living!!

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