Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Moving On To Something Else PT.2

We were all up in the spot a while ago; but the saga / struggle continues, now we celebrate the adversity anniversary. 

Caught up in the scheme or plot like terror suspects in Paris?  naw man, but  caught up in the system / matrix,  taking classes at adversity university. 

Brought up around ill teams not accepted by society:  I didn't get over it per Dr Phil, but I'm moving on to something else. 

The sport is complex: per Charlie Sheen life is too short to front or flex!! this is the real, I'm going on with my bad self!!

Polar vortex type feelings?  naw!!  it just depends on the situation,  please!!  the devil is a liar. 

Polar opposites with sketches and composites per broken beats and English rebuke the illuminati government or corporate official, priest, monk, or friar. 

Town criers mentioned bipolar participants as they wreak havoc worldwide from the ATL to Paris. 

Liars and cheaters rocking Florsheim shoes with three piece suits or Timberlands and Nike Air Force Ones with wife beaters won't be fair with this. 

I'm trying to share this from Alpha to Omega and all points in between,  as I cover the whole spectrum. 

Truth or dare this? supposedly abmonished by the Lodge Worshipful Master?   that's per Greek systems owing money, so who'll respect them? 

I moved on to another section,  moving on to something else.

The old school baptist preacher even said play on player,  go on with your bad self.

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