Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Check The Status Quo: (It's Like This and Like That And A) PT.5

Checking out the status quo; some will talk a good game like Donald Trump, the masses will be flabberghasted...

Offers to quid pro quo  were made by David Canary, I mean  Adam Chandler types; meanwhile classes were in session when O-Dog podcasted.

Check the status quo; *it's like this and like that and a* some will pray and fast about it; Pope Francis will visit ground zero aka Africa...

Whatcha know? who will understand a bruh or who'll understand this? breakbeat science is dropped when I  *holla atcha*

Climate is changing in more ways than one; soon, it'll be discussed in Paris, not derailed by the ISIS attacks...

Check it:  strangling and chokeholding like Eric Garner but the grand jury transcripts aren't made public, so what's up with it? per  Dragnet / Sergeant Joe Friday just the facts, ma'm, just the facts..

Check the status; information overloading when just the facts are dropped after checking the status quo?

We're back with this; O-Zone is coding while funky is how O-Dog's track works, as we go for what we know!!

We're back with this, rebuking danger zone business!! my back hurts from the blue collar type of acting taking place, as we go for what we know!!

We're back with this, dodging haters like #blacklivesmatter activists in Minneapolis, now the masses are mad in Chicago...

What it do?  what it does? check the status quo; damn!! some say it is what it is / others say *it's like this and like that and a*

What it do? The Sonic Assault?  the O-Dog Podcast? it's  part of the Smart Grid, the game is not over!! .feel the spirit., *it's like this and like that and a*

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