Sunday, November 29, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (The November Wrap Up)

November is coming to a close as I write this, moves were made but the devil will still oppose!! his agents will shoot up the place like Planned Parenthood in Colorado..

I Remember The Time We Fell in Love per Michael Jackson, but spotted the deliberate falsehood in the actions; I was reminded that the Devil Wears Prada...

Moving forward, moves were made;  will some be held out of the action like Johnny Manziel after coping strategies fail?  pulled out the drumkit now check the style we bring;  it's the *Brand New Funk* Breakbeat Science is in full effect.

Coming through with the Cosmic Slop per Funkadelic studies and research!! this is not the type of sludge to contaminate:  to the game? much respect..

Moving forward,  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the old school hooptie / relic;  also damned / hated for being intergalactic.  holding it down from Pluto to Mars; all the dots?  we connect.

Moving Forward;  no laminated proximity cards needed for entrance, epiphanies are on clearance, so *Scattered Thoughts*  are selected at coming with the next..

Universal entity coming correct, but these earthlings disrespect; due to proxy wars worldwide drama goes down from Syria to Iraq or Afghanistan.

What's the deally? Ben Carson tried to lamp in  Jordan / Syrian refugee camps like he has worldwide knowledge, meanwhile the enemy tries to play me sideways, not understanding this man.

...Not understanding that  the Brotha O-Dog will jam on it like Newcleus.

Knowing the deal;  those not understanding act brand new with us.

Diplomatic Immunity is exercised like I was at Gold's Gym.

Dipped back to the community, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, but still moving forward; *going for what I'm knowing*


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