Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Movin / Groovin: You Know!!

 Thought and fashion police will patrol like they're in Paris:  they'll have to protect the machine. 

I borrow a line from the Godfather of Soul James Brown;  I'm moving and grooving, you know!!  like  a sex machine.

Observing the scene / ready to roll, but it's not a simple thing / more of a complex thing;  games go down in many leagues and conferences. 

I'm trying to pimp through this thing with my Adidas per Run DMC,  but dealing with debatable circumstances

Being built or torn down?  haters won't turn the level of scorn down!!  its going down from the ATL to Paris to Iraq and Syria

Who's fair with this?  during the ongoing crisis?  ISIS types create mass hysteria.   

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