Monday, November 23, 2015

Check The Status Quo (It's Like This And Like That And A) PT. 4

Check the status quo; I was on some outback chronicle type of business, it smells like somebody disturbed the earth..
Check the status quo; the backhoe will repair my neighbors yard after the latest ATL storm; during these ongoing storms I was intergalactic,  but now the Mothership is landing on earth.

Check the status quo; *it's like this and like that and a*  as old school hip hop cliches are heard; meanwhile Intergalactic funk is brought forth;  this is the rebirth.

Check the status quo; per Run DMC it's like that and that's the way it is,  so I visualized the sequence; it's all game when we peep this, so what's it all worth?

Mechanical engineering is used, like rebuilding Syria after ISIS and all the bombing destroys it; we're just trying to make it work.

Social Engineering is used by others so the masses are stopping and yielding; so called powers that be are just trying to make it hurt.

Loathing and fearing by some while others fake it; check the status quo as some quid pro quo;  they'll blurt out the answers to authorities.

Steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor: this resident alien is in search of answers in domestic and foreign territories.

Now I tell these stories after checking the status quo; *it's like this and like that and a*  but some are on the injured reserve list like Joe Flacco!!

Matt Schaub types will try to fill in, it's rough out here but the injured still try to swerve; check the status quo. 

Whatcha know? jokers front and flaunt... like Audio Two they'll say they're Top Billin /  *it's like this and like that and a* ...some say they're chilling...

What's up? we see what the sound bites and audio will do per Donald Trump in reference to 9/11 and race baiting... 

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