Friday, November 13, 2015

Fantasy / Reality Mashups PT.5 (Friday The 13th Edition)

Out there in these grey area scenarios on this Friday the 13th:  fantasy and reality were mashed up. 

...Remixed by the DJ per Barry White *let the music play* on this *Freaky Friday*  all genres are mashed up. 

We kicked this breakbeat science due to the *smoke and mirror*  manipulation by those that plot and scheme.

We kick it like this!!  might even  take the oppositions sign / banner down like Cam Newton, the truth? we're not disputing!!  this is not fantasy football per Draft Kings and Fan Duel banned in New York!!  this is not a dream.

Or maybe it is: lately?  the same actors and actresses have appeared in my dreams!! some tried to rush the spot like Vladimir Putin and Russia in Syria, with wannabe kings in ISIS calling him a damn fool!!  reality and fantasy are mashed up *in this piece* 

Devils advocates were benefactors if this train of thought derailed;  if it crashed up *in this piece.*

Plus, more than open heart surgery benefactors wanted a piece of my heart per Janis Joplin!!  please!!  that's why my *peeps*  are protesting out near Joplin. 

Ferguson to Columbia Missouri out by the University!!  * they weren't quiting and they weren't stopping*

How's  it working?  actors and actresses dropping / creeping up in my dreams were mentioned in the Stevie Wonder song.

Fantasy and Reality are mashed up;  I was told to get a grip son!! you know your wrong!!

Fantasy and Reality are mashed up: what's up son?  out here in these grey area scenarios you'll get targeted like Jihadi John!!  

Fantasy and Reality are mashed up: the vehicle crashed up *in this piece* but we can't let up, we get up to get down!!

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