Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Instrument PT.5 (Accepting The Assignment)

Big picture watching!!  meddling, but didn't watch a GOP Debate:  I was too busy trying to determine the scheme of things. 

Big scripture writing!! just telling you how the system is working, as  flagrant agents plot and scheme up on things. 

Big mixture composing!!  the drum was the main instrument but other things come into play. 

What's the assignment?  am I being used as an instrument?  I'm analyzing the role I play.

Planets are in alignment as adversity anniversaries roll around:  what's the prognosis?  I had to analyze the information. 

Solitary confinement like a still open Gitmo for a Negro?  is The New Moon in Scorpio  the point of transformation? 

Contrary beliefs or lying by a Negro per Ben Carson?  ah!! he just  embellished the stories a little bit. 

Brian Williams was there,  he can back him up!!  *you don't stop and you don't quit*

Meanwhile,  this instrument chooses to accept the assignment like Ethan Hunt per Mission Impossible

The Lord orders my steps,  so I try to stay in alignment like I tried to keep the front end of the Buick Lucerne:  the Lord said your going to learn!!  anything is possible. 

Did he use a Kevin Hart voice? Alright!! Alright!! Alright!!  I told a joker to don't even start,  I'm on a special assignment.

I'm in the heart of it:  what?  the mix!!  I'm like the drum, the main  instrument: I'm  making sure the beat stays in alignment. 

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