Monday, November 30, 2015

The Outback Chronicles (The November Wrap Up)

 These are the outback chronicles;  even though this is the November Wrap Up the saga continues or is it the struggle? It's a little bit of both.

Outback raking leaves and cleaning out gutters so what's up with ya? what it do? please!! I had to wrap my mind around it!! what?  they try to play me like I just got off the boat.

Out of that? that's how they played me so what it do? I just got off with a quote and a beat, this brotha is flowing!!

...Down the mainstream of mathematics: like Russian jets shot down in Turkey I'm dealing with fanatics, but I'm going for what I'm knowing.

..Down the stream of consciousness;  rushing, exercising because I ate too much ham and turkey on Thanksgiving!!  now I'm moving around like I'm intergalactic, out on Pluto or Mars;  that's where I'm flowing.

That dream from my subconscious seeped over into another dimension, but actually I'm outback working: like squirrels using my roof as a shortcut to get to tree limbs jive turkeys try to derail my projects,  but I still give thanks for the blessings!! so whatcha knowing?  

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