Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Check Out What We Do To Ourselves

              what were we trying to prove to ourselves?

Might have played themselves:  like North Korea H-Bomb testing they left evidence laying around,  and you know people are nosy.

Like Charlie Hedbo vs The Vatican who told them to go on with their bad selves?  False courage?  please!! The devil is opposed to you and me.

Whatcha know? this brotha is taking care of business before it takes care of me!! playing it like I'm supposed to be, no playing around!!  disclosure: I'm admitting I'm from the hood, Mafioso style!!  it's in my blood.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta playing the sound! standing my ground but not shady like George Zimmerman supported by Jeb Bush's state, so what's up man?  we still deal with the hate!! the system is known for the deliberate falsehood...

But check out what we do to ourselves!! in the hood? they ask me what's good and not good?  I told them to look around.

What were we trying to prove to ourselves? trying to do too much? victims of circumstances that were debatable? being built or torn down?  but it's going down as O-Zone has the Good Word / stop,  look,  and listen to where O-Dog took the sound.

Fighting indentured servitude? we were trying to do too much, we had to remove ourselves from the madness!!  like Black History Month per February this is Underground Railroad type!!  the sound was used as a vehicle, now we're all up in the house with jazz, hip-hop and house.

Plus we went into funk mode on them,  haters soon said we were trying to do too much!!  information overloaded them when this good word is dropped?  we just rocked the house.

Some knocked the hustle *all up in the house*  they asked, what were we trying to prove to ourselves?  they were part of the  resistance, they were even punishment gluttons...

That's not an option for this brotha, showing persistence!! but check out what we do to ourselves like shooting each other up in Chicago along with the police; please!! in 2016 this brotha will hit reset buttons..

Check out what we do to ourselves, but we're taking the next step as we unleash the Sonic Assault with the drumkit; the sequences? we're visualizing / intellectualizing.

What were we trying to prove to ourselves? that's what haters besseched us then they  tried to play us like dimwits / disrespected: but it's not surprising.

Listen to O-Zone and Check Out What We Do To Ourselves

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