Saturday, March 05, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles : The So Called Super Saturday Edition

What's really going on? we're still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, these chronicles will let you know what's up..

What's really going on? slipping down the rabbit hole per this so called Super Saturday? Donald Trump and Ted Cruz types campaign for votes!!  Trump is not at CPAC while word is heard from the corrupt..

What's really going on? some didn't know I had soul: beats will thump plus this good word is dropped,  based on cruising down I-20 in Atlanta doing the knowledge...

What's really going on? beats thump in Atlanta studios but gunfire will erupt!!! now Bankroll Fresh is gone, business in this danger zone reminds me of how foul it can get...

Rolling in the mothership, good mileage we get!! soon we'll be coming out fresh with a brand new batch...

Scientific is how we'll get!! I mentioned peeping game / doing the knowledge / finding it  like Alaska fisherman with the whitefish / fresh catch..

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta peeping game: it's like I'm in Alaska with Sarah Palin  / Tina Fey looking over into Russia seeing what Vladimir Putin is doing:  per Syria the situation has gotten ugly!!  but some say beauty was in the eye of the beholder..

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! some are sleeping in the game but I'm casing the joint, that's what this brotha will be doing!! staying strong / coming bolder...

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! some ask me what's the point? this is the rebuttal to others that are coming bolder / colder!!  intimidation?  like telling  the president not to nominate anyone for Supreme Court..

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! soon we're all up in the joint!! Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength is exhibited in the sport!!

Avoiding joint committees, blue ribbon panels and Justice Department interviewers!! unlike Bryan Pagliano concerning Clinton e-mails!! they'll have surprises for the masses?

Jokers didn't anoint me!! beauty / ugly? nugatory?  what's the perspective on this Super Saturday? I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to George Clinton's Atomic Dog! please! soon O-Dog will be conducting seminars and  classes..

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