Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Other Side Of The Game

What's really going on? like Ben Carson moving on some spotted the other side of the game: there's two sides like Gemini.

Discovery Zones reveal the truth, I was out there like by Cartwright's Ponderosa Ranch in Virginia City /  Carson City Nevada, I found proof!! it lies in the middle / heard the riddle:  why did some lie to me?

...Sounding like Mitt Romney vs Donald Trump, with  the Don responding by calling Mitt Romney a choke artist..

Check out what my response will be!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped, but who is down with this broke artist? 

I'm intergalactic,  just got back with it like Scott Kelly leaving The International Space Station!! I Slide through the joint like that funky song by that group Slave.

This brotha is gone off that irrational stuff?  Heard them say it in the joint  / all up in the spot like it was Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly!! they said I was out of the loop, because I misbehave. 

This dude is giving you the scoop with these borderline  / on the edge rants and raves, letting folk know about the other side of the game..

Breakbeat science is dropped but no immunity like  Bryan Pagliano soon whistleblowing / snitching? that's the other side of the game..

This brotha refuses to be caught up in the game / caught up in the system / matrix..

We kept it moving, although we had to sacrifice!! soon bumping heads with jokers that fake it...

We kept it moving, shaking off the negativity!! we knew there was another side to the game...

We're all about positivity, but we kept our guards up in the sport: we knew it was all game...

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