Sunday, November 10, 2019

Deep Swing Presents Jazz Transit - Jazz Transit (Audiowhores Jazzclub Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues, we're broadcasting live from Atlanta on a cool Sunday evening...

The saga / struggle continues, Black Voices For Trump just left Atlanta; how were they trying to get down? what were they believing?

...but I'm digressing / not stressing them or those, back in the day the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville / Newburg said the devil will oppose; bearing witness to the manifestation...

God? blessing us in the midst of the madness, but peeping game; the arch nemesis will try to enter the premises; insecticide kept for the infestation..

Check the situation; we're playing this on the back in the day tip; after Sunday morning church, went to get a good meal then later on  you would have caught us chilling out at the jazz club on a Sunday evening..

Reminiscing, while listening to Deep Swing Presents Jazz Transit with Jazz Transit (Audiowhores Jazzclub Remix); check out the players and the track to see what we're achieving..

Keyboards [Additional Keys] – Ian Warrington

Mixed By, Engineer – Clive StewartGraham Lord

Percussion – Luis Ribeiro

Remix – Audiowhores

Remix [Credited To], Producer [Additional Production] –

Saxophone – Clive Stewart

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