Thursday, November 07, 2019

Funky Mix 2020 - Dj XS November Funk Mix (Jazzy House, Hip Hop, Breaks & Disco Grooves)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday,  you heard?  that's the kind of work will be doing!! dropping the sound and this good word..

The saga / struggle continues, one of my favorite sayings, it's appropriate for these days and times; based on what occurred..

...out there where the lines blurred due to the smoke and mirrors; it's rough out there, some confuse salt with  sugar like Diamond and Silk..

...out there where the lines blurred some joked but we drop salt and light insight like Matthew 5 :13 -16, that's how we'll work this thing!! meanwhile a false prophet will try to bilk..

Out here broadcasting live from Atlanta, the so called  land of milk and honey? I-20 in Atlanta the modern day Silk Road? I don't know what you were told but it is our gateway to the universe..

Sounds blasting, rolling down I-20 listening to Funky Mix 2020 - Dj XS November Funk Mix (Jazzy House, Hip Hop, Breaks and Disco Grooves); check the playlist and the mix!!  this is courtesy of Funky Vibes UK, from London to the ATL we swerve..

1. Streamer - Your Soul (Gimme Gimme Gimme) 2. Jurassic 5 - Rock Da House (Dj XS Brand New Rework) 3. Leikeli47 - Money (D-Funk's Nu Disco 100 Mix) 4. Prosper Stabfinger - Take R Time ft. Too Many Ts 5. Tuxedo - Vibrations (Vitamin D's New Jack Swing Remix) 6. Kraak & Smaak - Naked 7. Vito Lalinga - On My Soul 8. Dj Snatch - Soul Francisco 9. Paul Older - Never 10. Kraak & Smaak - 24HR Fling (feat Wolfgang Valbrun) 11. Prosper Stabfinger - Stir it Up Sister ft. K Mi KDS 12. Krafty Kuts - You're the Reason 13. Disco Town, Moon Rocket - Allright 14. Frank Virgillo - The Mouse (The Re-Think) 15. Sunner Soul - Feeling of Spirits 16. Damian Rausch - Naked 17. Detroit Swindle - The Life Behind Things 18. Martha Wash - Carry On (Folamour G.O.A.T. Edit) 19. Paper Street Soul - Fallin Down (Andy Buchan Remix) 20. Andromeda Orchestra - Don't Stop (Ray Mang Special Extended Mix) 21. CJ & Company - We Got Our Own Thing (Might Mouse Dub Edit) 22. DoctorSoul - Saturday Morning 23. Cody Currie & Joel Holmes - Beyond the Stars 24. Pama International - Feel Like Jumping 25. Franchise - You Don't Know My Name (Reggae Remix)

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