Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Ten)

Check us out, the HumpDay Extravaganza is underway!! we're dropping this good word and of course the good music will play...

Getting over the hump? that's the business!! upgrading / updating during the process trying to stop the madness; somebody will understand what I'm trying to say!!

We're on it!! upgrading / updating during this last day or two of Scorpio Season; Sagittarius Season is on deck, told those showing treason to show respect but like Trump / Giuliani / Barr and Pompeo  they're not quitting or stopping. 

 The evil opponent stays busy, no need for a blow by blow description from Gondon Sondland we know how the sport goes!! so we'll get busy!! why not us?  we're not quitting or stopping. 

We're on it!! upgrading / updating!!! we'll get busy like Mr Lee you feel me? we're taking it there!!

We're on it!! upgrading / updating!! good word and big beat dropping!!  the ways and means of a breakbeat scientist who's taking it there!!

....with the breaking news;  one faking loses perspective but that's expected!!  please!!  it's rough out here. 

Reality is breaking fools who called themselves breaking rules!!  areas are disinfected but the arch nemesis is still on the premises out here.

Holla at me as we continue upgrading / updating!! taking things to the next level but still out here dealing with the next devil; the saga / struggle continues,  another way for me to say life goes on. 

Holla at me as we continue upgrading / updating!! a brotha hooks these menus up with nutritious meals,  a dude flows on.

 ...down the stream of consciousness;  I call it the mainstream of mathematics, we're out here doing the knowledge..

Your dude is studying to show himself approved!! we're out here dealing with these fanatics that are getting foul with it!!

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