Friday, November 15, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Eight)

We're doing the knowledge, upgrading / updating  during this critical stage of development;!! it's going down!!

Caught in a moment of time, upgrading / updating!!  what it do? the details? the devil is up in it or them!! like the Trump impeachment hearings, it's going down!!

Caught in a moment of time,  upgrading / updating!! check us out!!  it's going down on this Flashback Friday. 

Sonic assaults unleashed on opponents!  the sound and this good word are weapons or components,  this is how we play. 

I already know how the apparatus will play;  authorities are laying in the cut like Dekalb police waiting on speeders  in the school zone on Flat Shoals Parkway in Decatur. 

Check the status, upgrading / updating but  praying in hostile territories /  corrupt places!!  jokers try to fool O-Zone but he already knows,  not waiting in the dark per a hater. 

Check the status;  upgrading / updating!   per Flashback Friday? back with this after experiencing Places and Spaces per Donald Byrd you heard?  not debating these jokers like Democrats next week in Atlanta at the Tyler Perry Studio,  I'm done with that!!  actions speak louder than words.

 Check the status; upgrading / updating!  but per Flashback Friday? back with this, using the old school hip hop terminology when talking abut these fanatics that  act like a bunch of "busters and herbs

 Oh yes!! that old school terminology on a Flashback Friday!! also observe O-Zone rocking the Fubu 05 hat along with the number 20 throwback Barry Sanders Jersey. 

An old fool?  naw!! just a Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday type of brotha?  somewhat,  so who'll work with me?

An old school Funky Type Of Soul Brother doing old things in a new way..

Upgrading / Updating!! this is how we roll per the ongoing Scorpio Season; thanks given to the Lord, grateful for a new day!!

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