Sunday, November 24, 2019

Lafayette Afro Rock Band -Conga

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Sunday morning special edition; don't get us wrong the Lord we'll still petition!! 

Please! the madness continues!! we're a little bit under the weather plus dealing with technical difficulties, plus naysayers question the abilities but we're still out here dealing...

Still out here feeling; a reporter embedded in the ongoing spiritual warfare,  soon bringing the breaking news.'s from a breakbeat scientific perspective; reality/ a  required course not an elective!! through the areas designated?  you can't cruise!! can't sashay through, the system will play you!!  even when you think you have it made. images display fashions full of negativity; some will find out what the deal will be, caught up in the  illusion /  charade.

In the midst of the confusion? this good music is played!! listening to the Lafayette Afro Rock Band with a track called Conga..

Playing  the conga / drum dropping science on some!! digging deep in the crates for this one!! classic jazz funk / rock!!  but what can you expect from a retro- futuristic brotha? 

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