Thursday, November 21, 2019

The I-20 Chronicles (Riding Into the Future)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but  we're dropping this good word; you'll have to excuse these retro- futuristic movements...

The saga / struggle struggle continues, my way of saying life goes on!! Thursday thoughts we're retro, some of them we let go enabling us to make future improvements..

Presently? in the lab chilling but soon making I-20 in Atlanta movements, out on those streets ahead of the Matrix Architect's alt- shift- deletes!!

Flagrant agents backstabbing like Gordon Sondland in a jam; as Scorpio Season shifts to Sagittarius jokers are acting nefarious;  meanwhile we're grooving /  jamming while out in these streets..

 Not fake with it, pulled out the old school Buick it's like an intergalactic mothership; we're riding into the future; .

Not fake with it, didn't park the vehicle in designated areas spotted by fanatics like Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan getting ugly with it!!  that would have put me on front street; jokers like that will act brand new with us...

Waiting in the dark?  I see what it do!!  like long lines at the mall for the New Air Jordan's mass hysteria awaits!!  global warming's got us feeling the heat.

Chilling out / lounging  at the moment!!  sharpening weapons for the evil opponent that had  plots and schemes for my defeat!!

Had a moment or two before I-20 excursions so what it do?  your dude is dropping this good word. 

Told you earlier, calling out what the evil opponent will do!!  supposedly shrewd,  now some are subdued;  dropping out like they're smoked out on some good herb.

 Biden mentioned it was a gateway drug, pearly gate entries for a thug? not ruling out what occurred!! authorities say  move along nothing to see here. 

Freedom riding into the future  after cooling out,  based on what occurred;  ignored naysayers saying there's nothing to be here.

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