Sunday, November 10, 2019

Reel People feat. LaSharVu – I Need Your Lovin’ (Mousse T. Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a nice cool fall afternoon / evening here in Atlanta..
Son? not trying to spaz though the madness continues;  dude down on Bay Street in Nassau in the Bahamas said it hasn’t stopped!! I understand a brotha!!
One is out here trying to razz another like a comedian but this thing is serious..
We’re out here on that house music / disco jazz /  soul jazz / jazzdance vibe, uplifting the tribe!! this is what the deal is…
Somebody can feel this, we’re still listening to Reel People feat.LaSharVu with  I Need Your Lovin’ (Mousse T. Remix)
Crate diggers feel this, knowing it’s a version of the Teena Marie hit; check us out as we get breakbeat scientific..

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