Friday, November 01, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Three)

This is going down on a Fantastic Friday, those being nostalgic will call it a Flashback Friday..

Excuse us for being retro- futuristic, some will get it per us being breakbeat scientific!! we'll drop this eclectic rhetoric plus the music will play...

Excuse us but let us pray to begin the day, then actions are taken rebuking those faking!! we're rolling like Democrats in  the Trump impeachment process..

Lose us with treason, we're upgrading / updating during this Scorpio Season!! it's not the HumpDay Extravaganza but we're still trying to get over the hump; we're trying to stop the madness!!

We're upgrading / updating after observing the scene;  we notice the game has changed, so we keep moving!! those kind of targets are hard to hit.

 We're upgrading / updating but astrolgers say due to a retrograde Mercury in Scorpio everything is not working!! "ain't no love" / morale is low from Atlanta to the border of Turkey and Syria, check the mass hysteria; next level dramatics? we're  in the heart of it.

We're upgrading / updating /  we're crush grooving it!!  but we're hip to how the game is played!! everybody's a suspect!! who's down with fanatics? like the GOP still supporting Trump who's part of it..the conspiracy?

...or them; we're upgrading / updating / knowing a  bruh gets no respect!! didn't wait on answers, I did the mathematics!! saw that it comes with the territory.

War drums roll while we're in hostile territory!! repelling the takeover!! what goes around comes around.

We're upgrading / updating! summing up the consequences!! errors made, no corrections? reality tried to teach us, peeping game on how it goes down!

Victims of circumstances get hit by horror and terror!! charades that are part of the lesson, so what's real?

Taking chances per this upgrading / updating process, trying to stop the madness!!  now that's the deal.

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