Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Five)

It's going down!! this is the HumpDay Extravaganza, broadcasting like from a remote outpost off of I-20 in Atlanta..

...needing to be in Louisville, celebrating a Democratic victory in the governor's race as Andy Beshear beats Matt Bevins!!  will they get Moscow Mitch next? somebody will understand a brotha!!

So what's the deal? Rand Paul aka Red Paul next? y'all should see by now the sport is complex, they've got your dude upgrading / updating.

So what's the deal? what's up yall? we're coming with the next!! the sound and this good word will rebuke those that are hating!!

They've got your dude upgrading / updating; encouraged was received, they said go on with your bad selves!! spotted enemy collaborators..joining the rush to Armageddon.

They've got your dude upgrading / updating; working it all out!! based on being a veteran in the game I've been there and done it!! like Kenny Rogers and the First Edition I  just got back to see what condition my condition my was in!!

They've got your dude upgrading / updating, petitioning the Lord!! now reaping the benefits from blessings.

Decatur Georgia? that's the planet I'm on based on I-20 being the gateway to the universe; a dude dipped down Candler Rd In the Buick Regal, listening to Donald Byrd's Places and Spaces I've been, but Dekalb County authorities were stressing. snitches were confessing to authorties!! no comparison to whistleblowers coming forth about Trump and Ukraine, so what's up man? did we made it hard on our selves? 

Made it harder than it had to be?  per Three Days Grace, in love / war nothing was fair son!! those hating act like they know us but  "old girl"  said "go on with your bad selves."

Who's Bad per Michael Jackson? O-Zone is on the case, back in the action after taking it down a thousand!! funk is pulled off of shelves and this good word is posted up..

Back in the action after upgrading / updating breakbeat scientific principles; invincible like Lebron James in these games when I'm posted up? 

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