Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Nine)

We're still upgrading / updating but life comes at you fast;  instigations and inspirations come from unfamiliar sources.

We're still upgrading / updating!! will oil and strife last?  who overcomes? it can be done, some bear witness after passing courses.

...in Adversity University;  per my Adversity Anniversary during this Scorpio Season?  I can even bear witness.

Who'll work with me? as I write this in a day or two we'll move into Sagittarius season;  some of my constituents know what the deal is.

Who'll work with me?  some were out here acting nefarious like Trump impeachment participants; I wasn't expecting much from them,  these folk are gonna do what they wanna do!

 While  still upgrading / updating! I told some to just cut the check,  not worried about what they're going through! 

We're still upgrading / updating! all of us are going through something,  I just make sure the sounds are bumping and this good word is dropped. 

Some mentioned going to the promised land,  I'm just trying to jam!!  a dude jazzed and funked it up,  plus he hip hopped.

 ...plus he housed them; while  still upgrading / updating a dude aroused them and those that paid attention. 

While  still upgrading / updating? others mentioned something about being broke in more ways than one,  in this or that dimension. 

..something about feeling some kind of way;  meanwhile on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday we drop this good word and let the music play. 

..something about feeling some kind of way? things can go either way but we claim the terrific outcome, once again it's on!!  now naysayers / fanatics take measures that are drastic, but  we already knew how they would play.

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