Monday, November 11, 2019

Upgrading / Updating (Part Six)

We're out here upgrading / updating, the saga / struggle continues as I like to say; of course  y'all should know that by now!!

 Per this Monday morning? it's my way of saying life goes on; who'll  recognize the pattern after jumping to a conclusion?  the what /  when /  where and how? 

The toil and strife will sour the morale or spoil the plan; like Nikki Haley vs John Kelly and Rex Tillerson providing the spoiler to the ongoing plot and scheme..

Attitudes are copped, some boil; some will claim it's a witch hunt like the Trump impeachment proceedings; per Black Voices For Trump meeting down here in Atlanta his constituents will choose their team..

We hip hopped / housed them / funked them up / jazzed it up, the O-Dog Podcast fertile soil for positive or negative outcomes? we keep moving we're not losing steam!! dipping through like Lamar Jackson when  we drop these good words and pull out the drums. 

Upgrading / updating? that's a strategy we use for dealing with it after doing the mathematics  / equations / products /  sums.

Upgrading / updating, others needed answers they were waiting; meanwhile we studied to show ourselves approved..

..that's per  2 Timothy 2:15 so what it do? what's happening? jokers are hating check the GOP smokescreen / smoke and mirrors per the Trump impeachment; tires screeched kid!!  we had to pump brakes knowing how some moved!!

Had to pump brakes knowing how some moved!! word from a veteran in the game knowing how jokers will play, even writing this on Veteran's Day..

Had to pump brakes knowing how some moved!! a dude catching the blame per the Taurus Full Moon during this Scorpio Season based on seeing how I play? 

Treason is expected, the devil's seeing how I pray; it's part of my ongoing  upgrading / updating process..

Treason is expected, the devil's seeing how I pray! remembering what dude had to say down on Bay Street down in Nassau in the Bahamas; jokers haven't stopped the madness!! 

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