Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

My constituents know we're claiming the terrific outcome, dropping mathematics and pulling out the drum is how we'll play!!

My constituents know Let The Music Play is the motto, hip to the plot / scheme though!! per the Full Moon in Taurus we analyzed who's for or against us!! unleashing this Sonic Assault,  the sound is weaponized...

The sound is used as a weapon in the ongoing fray!! O-Dog Day Partying with a purpose is how we'll work this, some act surprised!!

They surmised that we go along with the status quo as a quid pro quo morphed into bribery and extortion; that's not how we play the sport son!!

Check us out, we're dropping funk on them and those that oppose!! no mission abortion..

The malfunction at the junction? this dude is not supporting, a veteran in the sport son!  somewhat revolutionary..

A veteran in the sport son!! old school but doing old things a new way listening to MODERN FUNK & NU DISCO MIX BY STEFANO DJ STONEANGELS; check the playlist and the mix as we expose the angles, the process is evolutionary!!

PLAYLIST: 1 - PBR Streetgang, David Christie - Back Fire (PBR Streetgang Remix) 
2 - Surgery Edits - Get Down Philly (Original Mix) 
3 - Green Sugar - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
4 - Alexander Koning - Doing It To Me (Original Mix)
5 - Barry&Gibbs - Hanging at the Disco (Original Mix)
6 - Darren Giles - Love Me Like This (Original Mix)
7 - Disco Dandies - Funkin Your Mind (Original Mix)
8 - Neslo And The Firebirds - Movin On (Original Mix)
9 - The Silver Rider - Woman (Original Mix)
10 - Kevin McKay & Start The Party - Don't Leave Me This Way (Extended Mix)

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