Thursday, November 28, 2019

Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Flute Salad

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; plus it's a Thanksgiving Day...

....well, at  least for a few more hours, what's sweet soon sours but that's reality...

Still out here doing our thing, getting breakbeat scientific!! a man's job is never done..

Still out here doing our thing!! not fake with it like Trump over in Afghanistan, so what's up man? O-Zone is not the one..

O-Zone? oh yes, he is the one with this word salad while Ju-Par Universal Orchestra has this Flute Salad!!

Throwback Thursday principles followed per this back in the day soul jazz / jazz funk!! check out the players and the track!! the sound is solid!!

Phil Upchurch (guitar),

Quinton Joseph (drums), 

Lou Satterfield (bass)

Derf Walker (percussion),

Art Hayle (trumpet),

Murry Watson (trumpet), 

Ken Soderdlom (tenor and baritone sax),

Rich Rudoll (flute), 

Kitty Haywood, Bonnie Herman and Vivian Haywood. (Vocalists)

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