Monday, December 10, 2012

Applied Science

This is applied science; like the Opportunity Mars Rover...were all up in the spot handling business! 

Authority is defied like were in the Tahrir Square in Egypt..whats the deal with it? once subject to the authority..but the opportunity was taken...jumping and recognizing...minds are made up; understanding what the deal is! 

Territories are defined..borders established; we peeped game like we're on X-37B space planes..realized its all game...then we dipped back to the community...keeping it real is the cliche that comes to mind!

Hostile behavior from those following orders is expected; the check they get demands it!! no diplomatic immunity? check the love affair..its not one of a kind!

...per the Spinners; dude was still rocking spinners on the Lincoln Navigator! 

As the mothership lands on earth..we're bearing witness to the real winners over on Glenwood Rd and Candler Rd over in Decatur! 

Hobbit / middle earth type behavior is exhibited..I kept it moving; ...elusive!!  one step ahead of a hater; they're ignored! 

Whats it all worth? O-Dizzle kept it grooving..doing whats conducive; on the front lines sonic troops are deployed!

Not devoid of funk....rough!!  no Facebook / Instagram bathroom glamour shots! 

Filling the void...face to face with a crook? its over in an instant man!!  like Syria holding Sarin;  boom!!  blam!!  blam!! go the shots!

Damned if we do or don't!! so spots get hit up with this applied science!

Breakbeat scientific business gets handled; the Lord blessed we use our minds! 

Whose fake with it? a fanatic? like Republicans in Michigan and the right to work law..some are just power or ego tripping; not on one accord with them..they stressed the masses! 

Zoning....I took a break from it; now back it!! science is applied ...conducting funk seminars and classes!

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