Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Just Happened? PT.3

Flying high in the the Toutatis asteroid... soon running into turbulence! 
Dude was paranoid on the number 23 TARC bus in Louisville cruising down Broadway...said  the Total Chaos blew his high!!  meanwhile old dude at White Castle said why ask why?  nobody will work with this! 

...sounding like M23 and DR Congo talks..whats the deal? I said your wrong bro!!  dude stalks..said he was trying to catch up on his pimping...

Whats the deally? number 23's / Air Jordans caused a ruckus in Huntsville..some pepper is the game played? it wasn't a simple thing...

Whats the deal with this thing? Katrina and Superstorm Sandy didn't have a Noah's Ark;  plus everybody didn't sign off on the covenant! 

Scenic routes were taken...others were waiting in the dark..asking;  what just happened? its not the norm...understand me..we're standing alone against the world...not the one they're in love with! 

Scenic routes are taken; like the Ursid Meteor Shower...we're trying to fly above it;  but the mothership was under attack! 

They had me asking what just happened? as I crash and burn..but check the survival;  some have the knack! 

As we rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix; running and gunning like when Phoenix had Nash and Stoudemire!

 As we rise out of the ashes; check the mutations / transformation we come out of the fireshower! 

Clashes with Titans the drama in Egypt..but this math has equations and permutations;  plus the Sonic Assault is unleashed! 

Masses are enlightened; haters ask..what just happened?  they had to pump brakes..I heard tires screech!

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