Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I Dipped On Them PT.3 (I'll SeeThem When I See Them)

Its rough out here!! but I maintained!!  O-Zone never tripped on them! 

Its rough out here!!! so escape routes are maintained..this brotha dipped on them! 

Others slipped on them....the banana peel...or the slick surfaces ...they were rocking Stacy Adams and Steve Maddens! 

"Player player"  style...like playing Grand Theft Auto 5 or John Maddens! 

I said a prayer....situations are foul;  Branded like Chuck Connors no honors!! I was played the other way!

Situations are foul!! John Boehner types need to have their jaws broken like Muhammad Ali's was by Ken Norton!! R.I.P. ...damn!! seems like it was just the other day! 

Jokers had another way to deal with them; no firewalls per Norton or McAfee ....games?  like Atlanta Falcons or even The Braves...some slipped in them! 

....like purchasing oregano instead of weed...Gerber powdered baby milk instead of coke!! then jokers named Tony dipped on them! 

Wannabe Tony Montanas..understand us? meanwhile the hit squad ripped on them like gangbangers attacking Cornell Square Park in Chicago! 

Its not odd!! O-Zone dipped on them!!  there's no time for foolishness per Tavis Smiley and Cornel West...I didn't fool with this from the get go! 

No rest for a bruh...plus no justice or peace per Trayvon Martin...I let it go and let God; moving on to the next..as we proceed and continue!

 As we put it down like this!! scientific like God Particle discoveries..God is a part of me...that's whats up with these... whats next on the menu?

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