Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Raw Data PT.2 (Information Overload)

Whats the deal?  websites crash like the new Heathcare website ...was it information overload? 

Check the raw data..the strands of information were coming in too fast!! meanwhile I kept it moving...I was going there!! some say it was too fast!!  please!!  I'm in transition / transformation mode! 

Dipping through barren lands!! John Glenn style!! from leaving the solar system like Voyager 1 to riding through the  urban blight..like on International out in Oakland to over by Grand Avenue in Detroit! 

Whose fair in them?  in love or war?  BART was on strike in Oakland / San Francisco ..damn!! then the Boston Red Sox beat Detroit!

Plus Detroit is bankrupt!!!  damn!!  did Kwame Kilpatrick dip with all the money? 

 Devoid of funk? naw!!  not O-Dizzle!!  plus O-Zone realizes that its on me! 

It got lonely out there but I kept running!! but like ATL Falcon fans I could see morale was low!

Please!!  I'm the one that should be mad!!  the situation is foul!! so whatcha know?

...maybe its because of information overload...check the raw data... printouts had the data circled in red. 

NSA  jacking European style!!  but check the discrete style / the mode ...others were waiting in the dark...misled!

How did some play? check the information fed into the database...garbage in garbage out?

How did some play? we analyze the raw data..no information overload...if it is? check the clearance rack epiphanies...were going all out!!




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