Monday, July 14, 2014

All Up In The Spot / You Can Catch Me Seaboarding...

 Were all up in the spot!! dipping down I-95!! were chilling out!! were in that kind of mode!!

In Savannah aka the S-A-V? thunderstorms and  90 degree temperatures make it hot..actually? in more ways than some shuck and jive!!  they're in that type of mode.  

The Savannah Harbor Expansion?  who'll understand that by talking crazy and acting brand new with it Jack Kingston almost blew it? ...but who'll understand a bruh? this is not the norm!!...but I'm all up in the spot!! ...Seaboarding from Charleston to Jacksonville aka the First Coast. 

Who's on one accord in this thing? please!!  attitudes and opinions differ;  who's the first to brag or boast? 

...All aboard the Party Train per the Gap Band!! but check those attitudes...there's blues like Bobby Blue Bland. 

Savannah!!  aka the most haunted city in America!!  spirits from strange fruit roam the Seaboard?  somebody might understand. 

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