Monday, July 14, 2014

It’s Like This!! It’s Like This It’s Like This!!

It’s going down!! these  revelations are biblical…the cliche? it will be it is what it is.

That’s the catch phrase / cliché ….these days? unlike Israel vs Hamas cycles are broken..or maybe like Germany winning the World Cup…what’s up? I don’t play!!  this brotha is serious.

This world is corrupt..but this is another phase; check the next level business…it’s going down like this!!

These days?  like Vladimir Putin at the World Cup I’m usually chilling out….I’m in Savannah on the Seaboard as I write this.

But I continue to fight this; what?  spiritual warfare!! damn!! like I said!! I was cooling out but I was drawn back into battle.

The light is shining on those waiting in the dark;  meanwhile I’m dipping down I-95 in the mothership listening to intergalactic funk;  speakers in the trunk rattle.

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