Thursday, July 31, 2014

It Keeps Flowing PT.5 ; The Saga / Struggle Continues

The mothership is floating through these treacherous waters avoiding sharks and piranhas

A brotha gets scientific like Emory Hospital vs Ebola!! quoting these scriptures and brewing sonic elixirs and mixtures!!  this is the response from us.

This is the response to the madness; this has spiritual significance!! that's what's up with this brotha!!  I'm typing this at 11:11 so it's right on time. 

...Per the Brothers Johnson;  once again it's on son!! soon we're flowing down the mainstream of mathematics!!  I'm trying to get right with mine. 

Flowing through this Grand Water Trine that's in affect as I right this. 

Venus, Saturn, and Chiron were involved;  plus the fire is fully involved with Leo!!  that's where the light is. 

Like Ray Rice gorilla pimping you'll see us bruising and battering the enemy with this Sonic Assault!!  the fight is brutal. 

It ain't nothing nice!! it's not a simple thing!!  Stephen A Smith will tell you about the winning and losing!!  but we keep fighting and flowing!!  others are caught up in the matrix!! seeing what it do..

Winning and losing!! they're seeing what we knew about survival!! reality is testing us..

Missiles into Israel no longer cruising? at least for 72 hours!! during these last days and hours the Lord is blessing us!!

I might miss you!! when it gets real?  you might lose me!! I'm allergic to fireshowers...

I might miss you!! it the midst of the chaos and confusion I keep flowing through these waters!! 

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