Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Energy PT.6 (Still Processing It)

I'm out here still trying to process the energy like a Gulf Coast refinery. 

But I'm not polluting the water!!  plus I'm avoiding ISIS like types trying to gaffle an Iraq refinery.

So where did you find me? please!!  I didn't let the enemy baffle me!! plus I wasn't bitter!!  based on Louisville / Newburg default settings  I've been face to face with a crook. 

I processed the energy;  now I'm checking the status!! no need to check Twitter or Facebook. 

Who's stressed?  the dollar chase took a lot of energy!! I keep telling folk  it's like chasing the wind

Who's blessed?  the masses are when we conduct these classes and seminars!!  O-Dizzle will "holla atcha" with the blend...

Who's blessed?  all of us!! pimps in the pulpit said more blessings were coming when we tithe!!  are some cursed at the same time? I was checking the blend. 

Who's dressed up with no where to go?  the apparatus will send them on a wild goose chase; like Proverbs 11:29 or like  Wilton Felder and Bobby Womack will they Inherit The Wind?

The paper chase will make them waste time, money, and energy;  it's a setup so they can take a loss..

Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero!! they were too busy at the San Diego Comic-Con trying to front and floss..

I was a quick learner so it's easy to lose me;  I'm on the case while others were slacking.

I was a quick learner!! I processed the energy!! if it's negative it's easy to lose me; so I was trying to stay off the grid;  NSA is tracking.

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