Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At The End Of The Day? That's What's Up!!

Whose jumping and recognizing?  at the end of the day?  they'll see what's up.

 Humping like the middle of the week!!  but like Southeast cities with the most consumers with deliquent debt they're getting no where in this world that's corrupt.

 Others act a fool!!  they were delinquent like juveniles!! soon victimized by the Cabal!!  now caught up in the system / matrix

Check the ongoing reality show;  no need to pay cable!!  ATLiens  act a fool!!  like the wannabe pimp spotted on Glenwood Road with a sista and a snow bunny others will fake it.

 Whatcha knowing?  I'm intergalactic / alien!!  but  I've been hood!! I had a stake in it based on knowing what's up.

Now I'm growing a secret garden like Quincy Jones in these danger zones;  I'm watching the plants grow up. 

...plus I didn't slow up;  next level business gets handled per this harvest for the world. 

Plus I didn't show up in tunnels into Israel built by Hamas per the drama that has unfurled....

I mentioned being a weather forecaster like Al Roker but I'm not a  Sharknado type joker!!  I know what the deal is.

 I know what's up due to doing the knowledge!!  I know what the real is. 

At the end of the day? the mothership got good mileage!! I was out there like the Delta Aquarid meteor shower!!

At the end of the day? some will know what's up!! even if they have to wait until the last hour!!


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