Friday, July 11, 2014

Seaboarding PT.2

Once again it's on!! I'm Seaboarding!!  but I break it down to basic compounds and elements.

 Once again it's on!! the dude is beat and good word hoarding!! the  sounds repel the information overload..the details is where the devil is. 

What's really going on? the next level is the mission!! that's where we're headed...dipping down I-95 currently in the middle of the Seaboard area. 

Word from a I-65 / Louisville /  Newburg brother that's hip to the scenario.

 Word was dropped telling some about the Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios per the What's Really Going On? blog. 

...That was last year's business in San Francisco; I was dipping down 101 in the rain and fog. 

This years business? chilling  in Savannah; Spanish Moss hangs from oak trees in Forsyth Park.

Strange fruit hung from oak trees back in were in the  most haunted city in America as spirits linger in old structures per historic districts; the apparatus wasn't right!! it was waiting in the dark. 

Those that fronted and flaunted were interfering with the system / structure...soon caught up in it after being clocked by the Metro Police. 

...Similar to jokers in Jacksonville dodging the JSO;  whatcha know? it ain't nothing nice. 

Jacksonville is the next stop after paying the price!! but we need to go back home like Lebron going to Cleveland

That would be Louisville that's the deal so what do you believe in? 

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