Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Going Down: Putting It Down Like This PT.2

As previously mentioned?  like Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 being shot down it's going down!! we're putting it down  like this!!

Please believe me!!  this player is going for mine!! this good word is dropped!! plus funky is how the sound is. 

Like the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron you've found us in our prime while we're caught in this moment of time.

But like the Israel-Gaza Crisis the spiritual warfare is redundant!! please!! we keep fighting because evil is an opponent of mine. 

This spiritual warrior was reluctant; damn!!  I was tired of fighting!!  but I realized as long as I'm on earth the saga / struggle continues. 

That's what's up with it!! as we bring it back!! the drama is like Orange Is The New Black!! but check the insight I bring!!  breakbeat science is on these menus. 

...As we put it down like this!! we're all up in the spot where the hustle will get knocked. 

I was rocking a Nautica shirt, khakis and Sperry Docksiders;  as a hater was clocking.  

Please!! what's up with a bruh out here cock blocking?  plus he didn't know the preppy look can be rocked by a crook!!  Harvard and Yale grads have the economy messed up.

 "Holla at me"  but others didn't have anywhere to go even though they were dressed up. 

So we continue to put it down like this!! we're blessed up in this piece!!

We continue to put it down like this!!  even though it seems the madness will never cease!

We're Putting It Down Like This!! Doing What We Do!!

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