Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Story Is Unfolding As We Speak PT. 2

Check out this news reporter lingo; what is it?  the story is unfolding as we speak. 

Along the Mexican border?  it's business as usual but the Republicans will cry wolf!! that's why there's no respect for a gringo!! meanwhile for an immigrant?  the outlook is bleak. 

"Next leveling"  is how were playing this; there's no borderline personalty disorder exhibited  this is legitimate!!  please!! crooks meet their defeat like Jack Kingston in Georgia

Whose benevolent up in this thing?  the preacher said you had to pay before blessings are received!!  I had to laugh at that "pimp style bruh"

The story is unfolding as we speak;  God is blessing us at this very moment. 

Actually?  the story is unfolding as I write this at this time or moment...

...that I'm caught up in;  the drama?  like the Gaza Strip? others are caught up in it because that's what they like to do.

 I wasn't brought up like that, but  I do have you covered with the Sonic Assault;  I'm rolling like Hercules!! I will fight for you.

I bring the light to you while your waiting in the dark; but we might have to evacuate the embassy like over in Tripoli...

That diet is not right for you!! meals were prepared by chefs in Hell's Kitchen but not Chef Ramsey.. 

A hater damns me if I do or don't but they don't understand half the story as I roll down I-20 in Atlanta listening to  Ramsey Lewis; The In Crowd...

...that I'm not a part of; the danger zone? I'm in the heart of it!! the story is unfolding as we speak so pay attention!! find a quiet place to reflect on it!! who's distracted by those that are loud?


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